Billlie digital single album
「'the Billlie's odditorium' the first edition」

2023/11/27 ReleaseOTHERS
1. the soul savior ~ I don’t need a superman

「Billlie 'BYOB (bring your own best friend)'」

2023/9/27 ReleaseOTHERS
1. BYOB (bring your own best friend)
2. BYOB (bring your own best friend) (English Ver.)

Billlie Original Soundtrack
「the Billage of perception: chapter two Original Soundtrack from “the end of the world and the awakening”」

2022/9/8 ReleaseOTHERS
1. the prologue ~ the Birth of emotion
2. back to the world (the $UN palace)
3. RING ma Bell ~ the howling memories
4. the anonymous hide and seek
5. B@ck 2 where we Belong
6. who's the Joker ~ overture to Billlie
7. snowy night before the end of the world
8. B-B'rave
9. RING ma Bell ~ retrogression of time
10. the Birth of emotion and the end of the world
11. epilogue ~ reprise of the $UN palace

Billlie Original Soundtrack
「the collective soul and unconscious: chapter one Original Soundtrack from "what is your B?"」

2022/3/1 ReleaseOTHERS
1. prologue ~ 1/1
2. the rumor ~ whatchamacallit
3. flipp!ng a coin (instrumental version)
4. a sign ~ overture to Billlie
5. everybody's got a $ECRET (instrumental version)
6. moon palace ~ the invitation
7. welcome to the strange world ~ GGMGY
8. M◐◑N in the fog
9. epilogue ~ reprise
10. a sign ~ overture to Billlie reprise

Billlie digital single album
「the collective soul and unconscious: snowy night」

2021/12/14 ReleaseOTHERS
1. snowy night